NERC E-ISAC, European Energy ISAC, and Japan Electricity-ISAC sign trilateral memorandum

GridSec Con – Las Vegas

North American Reliability Corporation (NERC) president and chief executive officer, sign a trilateral memorandum of understanding with executives from the European Energy ISAC and the Japan Electricity-ISAC  on October 17th at GridSecCon. The memorandum signing also marks another opportunity for the NERC E-ISAC to demonstrate and communicate its growing value to government and industry partners in today’s global threat landscape.

The Electric Reliability Organization Enterprise (ERO), which is comprised of NERC and the seven Regional Entities, is committed to working with stakeholders to assure the reliability and security of the North American bulk power system. “We cannot ensure reliability without also ensuring security,” Robb said. “GridSecCon is one way to highlight the training, tools and resources necessary to meet this goal.”

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