MISO to update Tariff to support Cyber-security Data Sharing

Source: RTO Insider

MISO drafted proposed Tariff changes that would allow it to share more information on cyberattacks with the federal government.

The revisions, which are expected to be filled in 2019, will permit data sharing with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) if there is a cyberattack.

MISO is a Section 9 under Executive Order 13636,as a company with critical infrastructure at with high risk.

Last year, President Trump signed Executive Order 13800, defines measures the DHS and federal agencies could use to support cybersecurity efforts of Section 9 entities.

Sharing can only be authorized by MISO’s chief information officer or chief information security officer. The RTO will be authorized to terminate the agreement at any time.

The Tariff revisions will also include a confidentiality request that federal agencies not share MISO’s information with third parties. 

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