NERC CEO: Western RC transition is ‘single largest risk of reliability in front of us’

Source: UtilityDrive – Iulia Gheorghiu

North American Electric Reliability Coordinator (NERC) President and CEO Jim Robb said June 26th, that the organization is prioritizing the certification of smaller western reliability coordinators (RC) for the start of 2020, when the massive RC Peak Reliability dissolves.

The California ISO (CAISO) is already certified for western RC services, and NERC will certify Southwest Power Pool and Grid Force as well. The Canada-based Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) and BC Hydro will go through effectively the same review as the other RCs, in compliance with their own nation’s standards.

“The RC transition in the Western Interconnection… is probably the single largest risk of reliability in front of us, and I still believe that that’s true,” Robb told reporters at a media roundtable.

CAISO’s RC services will expand to the bulk of the Western interconnection beginning in September, Robb said. NERC is also working to certify SPP “for the front range of the Rockies.”

“One of our focuses is making sure that they’re certified, but then also ensuring and measuring ourselves that they’ve got all the right data sharing and information sharing protocols so that they can function seamlessly across the footprint,” Robb said.

After the new RCs are certified, NERC will be actively monitoring their performance.

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